Learn how to dance, socialize and have fun with Bounce!

You will do it knowning new people and
learning from both certified and important international teachers.
Find us between Padua and Treviso, in spectacular locations, at our swing dance classes and at our special night events, with live band and musicians. You will be catapult into the vintage atmosphere of the Swing Era. Become the protagonist of unforgettable events!

our courses

We smile while we
dance, we are the Swing Lovers

Thanks to swing dance white and black people danced together in New York for the first time back in the 20’, breaking down racial barriers. This was an epochal changment, whose vitality and joy you will find at all our courses, swing aperitifs, nights and social dances. We are a swing dance school, but also much more. Are you ready to get into our time machine and fall in love with the swing world? Follow us!

SWING dance... heals EVERYTHING

Swing dancing is cozy, friendly and without thoughts.
Swing is an engaging dance, full of live.
It’s a mix of passion and harmony able to light up anyone who chooses to dance it.
Swing is healthy: it’s an elixir for body, mind and heart. You can dance it with us in Padova, Treviso and many other places all around the Veneto region.


Nothing happens by chance in our events. Some of the most populare deejays and live bands on the national and international scene, accompany the dancers, together with vintage market and quality exhibitors.  And during the Bounce Swing Festival great space  is given to some of the most appreciated teachers coming from the most important European and non-Eurpenan schools.

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