Alba and Gas

Alba and Gas are back at the 2024 Bounce Swing Festival, more passionate and extraordinary than ever. After a teaching stint in England, Alba returns to her home country, Spain, where she founds the ``Big Mama Swing`` school in Madrid, in collaboration with Gas. He, an Argentine with a background in gymnastics, discovered Lindy Hop in Buenos Aires in 2001. Since then, Alba and Gas have taught classes all over the world, also instructing at the ``Herrang Dance Camp,`` one of the most renowned festivals internationally.

Fredrik and Mimmi come from Sweden, and in 2012, they become members of the famous dance company ``Hot Shots.`` They are part of a new generation of dancers and teachers aiming to spread the most authentic style and movements of the Swing Era, typical of the renowned ``Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers,`` who originated Lindy Hop in Harlem. From the ``Chicago Swing Dance Studio`` in Stockholm, they travel to perform and teach all over the world. Their classes are characterized by joy and contagious energy.

Mimmi and Fredrik

Grace and Blake

Grace and Blake were drawn to Swing dancing during their university years in Southern California. They dedicated themselves passionately to styles such as Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag, winning numerous national and international competitions. As teachers, they emphasize the importance of fundamentals and connections between leaders and followers, with the goal of preserving and spreading the culture of Swing dancing, particularly the L.A. style.

Laura and Francesco, previously professional contemporary dancers, fell in love with Swing dancing and dedicated themselves to studying it deeply, quickly reaching high levels of proficiency. In Rome, they teach regularly for the ``Swing Circus Dance Community`` and collaborate as guest instructors for various Italian swing communities. They are distinguished for winning numerous competitions, particularly in Balboa, both in Italy and abroad.

Laura and Francesco

Elisa and Antonio

Elisa and Antonio both start studying dance since childhood. Since 2006, they have been a steady couple, and their interest increasingly focuses on Swing dancing. For several years, they are part of the Italian Boogie Woogie National Team, touring Europe for Championships and World Cups, earning recognitions. In 2019, they found the association ``Swing Studio 22`` in Florence, dedicating themselves to teaching Blues, Lindy Hop, and Boogie Woogie, as well as organizing various events and festivals.

Stefano started dancing at a very young age, embarking on a competitive path that led him to participate in various national and international dance championships. His decade-long experience and great talent have allowed him to perform on some of the most important stages, such as the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Azerbaijan, and to work on various television shows, theatrical tours, including the ``L’inedito World Tour`` alongside Laura Pausini.
Today, Stefano teaches Solo Jazz and Lindy Hop, collaborating with numerous associations that promote swing dances.



Viktor grew up dancing in his hometown of Ithaca, New York. His journey in dance has taken him to unexpected places, shaping his unique style. He spreads joy through jazz dance, emphasizing its cultural roots. Teaching worldwide, he uses his musical knowledge and creative perspective to help students feel comfortable and expand their skills. He particularly shares his musical and fluid swing style, encouraging all dancers to enjoy the music and have fun.

The Santacatterina Brothers is a band comprised of brothers Enrico and Carlo Santacatterina, with Enrico on guitar and vocals, Carlo on keyboards, with the collaboration of drummer Maurizio dal Gesso. Enrico Santacatterina has a forty-year musical career as a musician, arranger, and producer, spanning from rock to blues, jazz to dance. He has collaborated with Italian and international artists such as Mia Martini, Tullio De Piscopo, Pooh, Mango, Dee Dee Bridgewater, and many others. Carlo Santacatterina is influenced by the great jazz orchestras of the 1930s and 1940s. In addition to his passion for blues, he has musical experiences ranging from rock to funk, reggae to soul.
The Santacatterina Brothers will be on stage at the Radio City Music Hall on Thursday evening at the Bounce Swing Festival 24.

Santacatterina Brothers

Jude Lindy

Jude Lindy is an Irish singer and showman specializing in classic jazz from the 1920s and 1930s. He discovered Hot Jazz and Swing in the United States while studying at the ZACH Theatre in Austin, Texas. He obtained his diploma from a prestigious acting school in Dublin, simultaneously studying singing. Lindy participated in Swing workshops led by Maestro Giorgio Cùscito in Rome and dedicated himself to dance, becoming a passionate Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag dancer. Recognized as an international artist, his ability to passionately communicate has made him a stage protagonist, capable of captivating audiences with the magical richness of Swing music. He will perform with his band at the Millepini Hotel during the Friday evening of the Bounce Swing Festival 24.

The Enric Peidro Swingtet, formed in 2016 as a sextet, quickly established itself in the international classic jazz scene. With four albums under their belt, the group draws inspiration from the Swing era but adds contemporary interpretations, bringing classic jazz into the 21st century. With thrilling performances and a vast repertoire, Enric Peidro's Swingtet is a prominent force in the international jazz scene. Led by saxophonist Enrique, they have delighted audiences at numerous European festivals. Don't miss their performance at the Bounce Swing Festival 24, on Saturday evening at the Millepini Hotel.

The Enric Peidro Swingtet

Sweet Brown Sugar

The swing sounds of Sweet Brown Sugar, led by Davide Cassandro on guitar and featuring Camilla Busetto on vocals, will take you on a journey to the golden years of Swing in New York City. The group will present an engaging repertoire characterized by rhythmic synergy, sparkling melodies, and elegant harmonies of the great classics. The band will perform on Sunday evening at the Millepini Hotel, closing out the Bounce Swing Festival 24.

Enrico Donadello, also known as 'Eddie Rocket dj', is a passionate and knowledgeable music enthusiast. In his vinyl collection, he boasts true gems of swing and blues discography. Eddie will delight us with a variety of sounds and rhythms that will make you want to hit the dance floor and feel free.

Eddie Rocket DJ

Big Mama

``No matter where or how you are: music is always with you. That's why I love being a selector; because the turntable is the most varied and complete instrument you have: infinite colors, infinite notes, infinite souls.`` That's Big Mama Dj. A powerhouse of energy and passion for music, she'll make sure you have a blast with her captivating selection.

Alessio Grimaldi, also known as Ale G, is a swing DJ who offers enthusiasts a constantly evolving musical proposal inspired by his passion for blending genres, sounds, and musical languages. He works as a resident or guest DJ at important festivals and musical events, both nationally and across Europe. Currently, his DJ sets range from original music to modern reinterpretations of the 1930s-1950s, catering to a audience of vintage dance enthusiasts.

Ale G


As a DJ since 2002, he has specialized in swing over the last seven years, becoming perhaps the most eclectic among all swing DJs worldwide. Based in Turin, he has participated in the city's biggest events, including the Torino Swing Festival, the Turin Lindy Maraton, Clandestino Day, and Lindy Farm. He is the quintessential ``Clandestino`` of Turin, and there is no place where he doesn't play music.


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