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We are those with
hearts full of swing

In 2015, a group of friends gathered around a table, our favorite swing pieces playing in the background… It began like this, with an unbridled passion that has swept our lives, the decision to share this magical world with
as many people and passionate dancers as possible. Thus, ASD Bounce Swing Lovers was born. This organization, initially born in Padua, is also a community. Over the years it has also spread to Treviso and the most important Veneto towns, making connections with many lively Italian and international “hoppers” groups.

We dance, we have fun, and we smile

How? By listening to
swing music and promoting a healthy way of having fun. We have been doing this for years, taking part in various festivals and international events, and every day we commit ourselves to bringing “the spirit of swing” to our country. A wholesome way of having fun, combining the need to smile, (more necessary now than ever before), with the elegance of the swing era.

Elegance, swing dancing and the desire to be together

During special nights and Bounce events, we like to recreate the extraordinary atmosphere of the ‘20s, combining vintage elegance and swing dances with the joy of being together. That's why, at our events, we offer quality music, live bands and selected artists (without forgetting Veneto spritz, good Italian coffee, or the sharing of a good meal at a table). Bounce is all of this; it’s a combination that many have gotten to know and keep coming back for more

Each of our classes, nights, and events is based on camaraderie and appreciating the vintage spirit of the roaring ‘20s and the rolling ‘40s. Parties and dances for every season, open air aperitifs, swing nights, classes for all levels, and “clandestine” events in the centers of the most beautiful Veneto cities are just some of the ingredients that make us who we are.

All of this combined with the presence of live bands and excellent musical lineups. Lindy hop, Balboa, Blues and the many other styles that characterize swing music have quickly become important elements in our everyday lives.

Dancing is good for both body and mind and has allowed us to meet extraordinary people and friends, crazy international artists, and places that have remained close to our hearts. This is why we continue to study these styles, growing more as dancers and people each day. And we want to share this same journey with everyone who wants to get closer to the extraordinary vintage world, dancing and smiling with Swing in their heart.

The faces
behind Bounce

Suspenders and bow ties, scarves, flowers and lots of lace. And if you don't recognize us from our clothing, look for our smiles, get involved, and jump onto the dance floor!

Bounce Swing Lovers
are always looking for new members!

Does your heart beat triple-step? Do you dream of an enviable tuft? Do you try to hide your countless collection of red lipstick? Then you've come to the right place! Here there is room for everyone who shares our passion, everyone who suspects they were born in the wrong era and can’t give up vintage and retro. We will take you, through shuffles and triple steps, straight to the dance floor, between innovation and tradition.