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Michele Cal

Michele Cal, “Cal”, and music are one and the same. Cal, as everyone calls him, teaches with passion: he will always be wherever you hear a note of swing. After becoming familiar with that old time sound through boogie-woogie, Cal loosened up and fell in love with Lindy Hop the first time he heard it. That’s the reason his teaching goes beyond steps and simple figures. Are you curious? “After a Lindy Hop weekend,“ Cal says, “Every Monday feels like a Sunday holiday.”

Barbara Fresco

Barbara Fresco, “La Balbi”, started dancing before she was born; it was inevitable that she would join the “Bounce Swing Lovers” teaching staff. Barbara discovered Lindy Hop in 2013, and it was love at first sight. Like a volcano, when the lights go on and the music starts, her nordic side and her mediterranean spirit meet...the outcome is an explosion that gets everyone involved. Follow her and you will start dancing even before leaving your front door. Soon, you’ll be dancing like crazy on the dance floor.

Glo - Gloria Ballarin

Gloria Ballarin, “Glo”, the President! Going to New Orleans and experiencing the essence of Lindy Hop was an experience that literally changed her life and way of dancing. Gloria is the Bounce Swing Lovers president. She teaches Lindy Hop and she is in love with the vintage spirit. The trip to the States represents only one of her many training experiences, but thanks to it, she is able to spread love for Lindy Hop and Swing music to every new Bounce Swing Lovers member! Gloria is always ready to jump on the dance floor as soon as the music starts.

Marta Zanovello

Marta Zanovello has been dancing since 2015 and teaching since 2018. She grew up with a passion for dancing, diving into it completely when she encountered Swing music. A lover of travel, it was natural for her to voyage far and wide, meeting the greatest Lindy Hop artists at festivals all around Europe. Dancing with her and joining her classes will allow you to see Lindy Hop from different international perspectives, learning about what it means for people around the world.

Alessandro Silvestrin

Alessandro Silvestrin encountered Lidy Hop in London in 2014, and it was love at first sight. He attended the “Swingland” School, by Martin Ellis, for two years and deepened his study of the various aspects of swing dance, taking part in several workshops and international events. In 2016 he returned to Padova, and in 2018 he joined the Bounce Swing Lovers teaching team. To him, the higher the bpm, the more the fun and possibilities to improvise and enjoy swing dancing.